Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Essential Oils

It's been a while since I've posted but I'm going to get back to it!  My new love is essential oil!  I'll admit, they can be intimidating and overwhelm you.  But if you stick with it and find what works for you - it can help you live a better, healthier lifestyle.

I started using EO (essential oils) at the end of March 2017.  I was unsure about them and bought two oils that would help with depression and anxiety.  I promised myself I would at least try them several times for two weeks before I decided if they worked or not.  Well, they worked!  

It was hard to figure out how and where and when to use them.  That's where I want to help you!  I want to make it easy for you to learn how to oil.  First I ordered Balance and Serenity (those are the oil names - I use doTerra oils).  I would just put a drop of two in my hand from each bottle and rub them together and cup my hands in front of my face to smell them.  I loved the blend of the two together.  After the first day, I had done this once.  It was ok.  Yes, just ok.  Later in the week, I used them together again but instead of just inhaling them, I rubbed them on the back of my neck and on my chest.  Now I was beginning to see a difference.  I would breath in the scent and begin to relax.  I relaxed because I was breathing in slowly and evenly but the scent is what made it rewarding.  

I soon after learned that I could make this concoction in a roller bottle for easier application!  I was hooked.  It was really so simply to grab the bottle while at work or around the house and rub some on my wrists, my forearms, my neck, and my chest.

Since then, I've started using more and more oils in many different application methods.

Look for more information coming soon about more essential oils and check out the tab at the top of this page called Essential Oils.

Monday, January 27, 2014

PNES - Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)
In one word?  Scary.  Your thriving, growing child explains that she "goes" to a place where she can't remember spaces of time throughout her school day.  Immediately, my thoughts go to seizures and Epilepsy. 
We travel this path thinking it's Epilepsy.  What will the neuro say?  What will they do?  Weeks later, we still have minimal answers and are going through tests.  The initial EEG shows nothing.  Why is she having the seizures.  By this time, I have seen the seizure first hand and it's worst than I thought.  She has was seems to be Absence Seizures.  She's there but not.  And she only has them at school.  Strange, right?
As if the first EEG is not bad enough, they order a second one to capture approximately 36 hours worth of data and possibly one of the seizures.  My poor child has to wear the wires attached to her head to school, since that is were most of the episodes occur.  Being in 7th grade is challenging enough.  Now, she has to go to school, where the students are beginning to ask questions about why she has these "things", wearing wires and a monitor!  As a mom, I know it has to be done.  As a girl that was bullied in the 6th grade herself, it's not happening!  My brave daughter with tears in her eyes says, "I'll do it mom but I want to wear a hat.  Like a winter hat."  I coordinate with the school to get permission for her to wear a stocking hat, like you wear when it's cold outside.  I braided her hair around the wires and monitor and wrapped it up in gauze.  We pulled the cap on and covered everything we could and off she went.  Most of the girls at school were amazingly cool about it.  Many even complimented her on the hat.  Day one - done!  Day two, we choose a different hat.  One with fur that pulled down over her ears - like an old hunter's style hat.  The guys really liked this hat.  A few even mentioned they wished they could have all worn hats to draw attention away from her.  We thought that was so sweet of them.  We had accomplished our goal.  We captured the data plus a few seizures.
Waiting.  Waiting on results from a test seems to take forever.  Finally, they called.  Still nothing.  We went in to see the neurologist.  She explained what my daughter was experiencing was PNES - Psychogenic non epileptic seizures.  The link below gives all the scientific explanations.  Here is our explanation.  We learned from a neuro-psychologist that PNES are just the way certain people react to stress and anxiety.  Some people deal with it great while other may have panic attacks or yell or scream.  Stress affects everyone in a different way.  My daughter's body learned to "have a seizure-like event" when overloaded with stress and anxiety.  But when asked about stress at school, my daughter said, " there is not much."  
What we were able to learn, with the help of the psychologist is that my daughter didn't really understand what stress and/or anxiety were much less to understand if she was experiencing it.  Our first obstacle - to help her understand stress and anxiety. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fast Forward to November 2013

Man, how time flies!

We are in November 2013.  CJ finished year 2 of Kindergarten and is now in first grade.  He is doing so well that he doesn't have to be taken out of the classroom except for once per day.  He is performing at the same level as most of the children in his classroom.  That's not to say he doesn't have to work very hard to do this, but he has been advancing nicely.  He still requires special help for some assignments but he is now very quick to advocate for himself if he needs adjustments.
He is at the beginning stages of reading and hopes to be reading full books soon.  He is still so eager to learn and perform.  He always tries his best.

We have just finished up eye therapy.  That was a very fast 12 months.  I can't believe all the progress CJ has made from this time last year.  He can stand on one foot. He can balance on things.   He can focus on things near and far.  He can stop words from moving on a page so he can read them.  He ride a bike!  He can jump and climb like any other 7 year old.  He can move forward from here confidently knowing that he has the ability and strength to advocate for himself when needed.
There is no "fix" for dyslexia.  Vision Therapy helps his eyes work correctly so that dealing with dyslexia is easier.

The Lord works miracles every day.  Big and small.  All as part of His plan.  We must learn patience and to trust in Him until He unveils His truth.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Revelation!

We were doing eye therapy tonight and I was asking CJ about how he sees words.  He said they get jumbled up when I look at them.  I said how do they jumble up?  he said they jumble up then look normal.  I said how fast?  He said you count and I'll tell you.

I asked him if he could draw me a picture of what it looked like.  So he did.  And when we counted, it was 1-2 - jumbled.  1-2 normal.  1-2 normal 

So we then tried it with his glasses on.  He said - no.  Clear.  Perfect.  Like they look on the paper.  I said are you sure?  We did several tests and each time he said they were jumbled or dots and each time we put the glasses on, the words were normal.

Between each switch, I let his eyes rest for a few seconds.  Just to be sure we were giving them enough time to rest between glasses and no glasses.  I made him look at the same words on the pages as well.

I tried the same test on his Hart chart (the one on the wall).  He said there were a lot of dots and they were jumbled but not as much as the other words.  But they had more dots.  (The letters on the hart chart are spaced out more than in a word...more like a word search).  Put the glasses on and the problem disappeared!

Here is the drawing that CJ did to show me how "jumbled" looked then how "normal" looked.

Example word is "jump"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Can Ride a Bike!

Just as the school year comes to an end, new and exciting things are happening for CJ.  He will be promoted to first grade next year and is leaps and bounds from where he was this time last year.  He knows all the letters of the alphabet, all the sounds associated with the letters and the motions.  He knows his numbers and can count items up to 30.  He is working on his hand writing and his speech.  His balance and coordination have changed and increased tremendously.  So much so, he can now ride a bicycle!
Our vision therapist, Dr. Cook, explained that when CJ began vision therapy, riding a bicycle was a very scary and intimidating task.  He explained that with his balance and coordination issues, there was no way he could ride a bike at that juncture of his little life.  CJ was unable to tell what was moving more, the bike or the ground.  We are very please that he can now, RIDE A BICYCLE!

(posting a video later)

While this feat in itself is amazing, CJ still has a lot of work.  He will continue with his daily vision therapy exercises and his monthly visits to Atlanta.  He will also have to have tutoring all summer long to keep up to speed on what he has learned this past school year.  But with all his "Angels" in place, I know CJ will do great this summer.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Milestone Met!

Just past another milestone!  I noticed on his math facts that he has done very well on subtraction.  I also noticed the last 2 days he has written all of his numbers correctly - in the correct direction.  I asked him about it and if he did something different and he said - I just thought of it in my brain and all the numbers "point" this way (he pointed to the left). I said OH!  Great job buddy.

So obviously something has "clicked" in his mind about the orientation of numbers.
I'm so proud of him!!!

In the eye therapy world this month he has to do right and left exercises.  The doctor explained it would help with orientation of his body in this world.  Not sure it was the exercises alone but something "clicked" for him over the past 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CJ's Progress - the Scooter

When CJ began eye therapy, he was unable to stand with one foot off the ground for any length of time.  As soon as he would lift it, he would have to put it right back down or fall.
Last night (4/9/13), he was outside riding a kick type scooter.  Unbeknownst to me, he had one at his Dad's house and had been riding it.  He wanted ride his sister's last night at our house and he did!  It was the result of his hard work and prayers from many, many people.
I never thought I would see him ride anything unless he was sitting down.  It was a blessing to see him doing it and he loved every second of it.
Step by step, day by day, we are making progress.