Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Revelation!

We were doing eye therapy tonight and I was asking CJ about how he sees words.  He said they get jumbled up when I look at them.  I said how do they jumble up?  he said they jumble up then look normal.  I said how fast?  He said you count and I'll tell you.

I asked him if he could draw me a picture of what it looked like.  So he did.  And when we counted, it was 1-2 - jumbled.  1-2 normal.  1-2 normal 

So we then tried it with his glasses on.  He said - no.  Clear.  Perfect.  Like they look on the paper.  I said are you sure?  We did several tests and each time he said they were jumbled or dots and each time we put the glasses on, the words were normal.

Between each switch, I let his eyes rest for a few seconds.  Just to be sure we were giving them enough time to rest between glasses and no glasses.  I made him look at the same words on the pages as well.

I tried the same test on his Hart chart (the one on the wall).  He said there were a lot of dots and they were jumbled but not as much as the other words.  But they had more dots.  (The letters on the hart chart are spaced out more than in a word...more like a word search).  Put the glasses on and the problem disappeared!

Here is the drawing that CJ did to show me how "jumbled" looked then how "normal" looked.

Example word is "jump"

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