Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blue Paper for "Blue"

Another interesting discovery yesterday with CJ's dyslexia and vision problems.  He still struggles to name letters when they are on a sheet of paper.  He can do the flash cards as long as the letters are black.  Magnetic letters in different colors bother his eyes so much he can't seem to even see the letters at times.
He was given the same test twice yesterday - once on white paper and once on blue paper.  There was a night and day difference!  15 wrong on the white paper and 1 wrong on the blue.  Unbelievable!

He described to his teacher and I that when he looks at the white paper for a period of time, small dots begin to appear next to the letters (in the white space).  He said the blue paper doesn't do that and he said, "I can see the letters on the blue paper".  We also told him to tell us if the letters needed to be bigger.  We have found that with his eye problems, the longer he looks at something the more tired he eyes get and the larger the print needs to be for him to see it.

I went to the store last night and bought every blue see-through folder I could find and 2 reams of pastel blue paper.  Poor little man!

**Note:  CJ's nickname as always been "Blue" - ironic how God put those together don't you think?

From a mom just trying to learn her way through her son's dyslexia and vision issues...