Friday, December 21, 2012

CJ's Vision Therapy

Another journey begins!  We took CJ for his first vision therapy visit yesterday.  We were all quite excited with anticipation.  When we arrived, everyone made us feel welcome.  CJ was eager to get started.
When we first began, they went over all his "homework" with us and showed us how to do each exercise.  He was able to do all the exercises, although some were easier for him than others.  It was strange to watch him go through the exercises and not be able to complete them.  One specifically he had trouble with was being about to follow the end of a stick without moving his head.  You could see his eye jumping as they tried to keep up with the end of the stick.  Smooth movements is what we are moving towards.  His eyes would get so tired at times they would just stop.  He'd blink and re-focus on the stick.
He did several series of exercises, each lasting 2-3 minutes.  He seemed to like the ones where he either got to wear his "Pirate Patch" or his cool 3-D glasses.  Each exercise works on a different area of the eye.  They are all necessary functions in order to get his eyes to move correctly and see what they should be seeing.
I'm going to input an entry after each visit to follow his progress.

Best take aways from this visit?
1.  CJ told us his right eye was dirty to look through and his left eye was clear to see through.
2.  On the way home, we received a gospel lesson from him as he explained about God/Jesus and Heaven.  He told us, "When I get to Heaven, I won't have dyslexia."  Fighting back the tears, I simply said, "That's right son."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Reindeer Run 5k!

I have to brag on my daughter this morning.  She finished the Reindeer Run, her first run, this weekend.  She and her soon to be bonus mom and her daughter all did it together.  Macy said she was tired but it was really fun.  I told her I hoped she and I would be able to do one very soon.  I'm so proud of her!