Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Can Ride a Bike!

Just as the school year comes to an end, new and exciting things are happening for CJ.  He will be promoted to first grade next year and is leaps and bounds from where he was this time last year.  He knows all the letters of the alphabet, all the sounds associated with the letters and the motions.  He knows his numbers and can count items up to 30.  He is working on his hand writing and his speech.  His balance and coordination have changed and increased tremendously.  So much so, he can now ride a bicycle!
Our vision therapist, Dr. Cook, explained that when CJ began vision therapy, riding a bicycle was a very scary and intimidating task.  He explained that with his balance and coordination issues, there was no way he could ride a bike at that juncture of his little life.  CJ was unable to tell what was moving more, the bike or the ground.  We are very please that he can now, RIDE A BICYCLE!

(posting a video later)

While this feat in itself is amazing, CJ still has a lot of work.  He will continue with his daily vision therapy exercises and his monthly visits to Atlanta.  He will also have to have tutoring all summer long to keep up to speed on what he has learned this past school year.  But with all his "Angels" in place, I know CJ will do great this summer.

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