CJ's Gift of Dyslexia

My son, 6-years old, was diagnosed with Dyslexia this past summer.  He had always struggled or just seemed not to catch on since he was in pre-k.  He has had speech problems since he began talking and at age 4, he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  This helped with his hearing and speech (a little) only because of the size of the tonsils and adenoids.  They were literally blocking his hearing so that things he heard were muffled.

He did not qualify for speech help through the school system so we sought assistance outside of the system.  We were lucky to get a great teacher, Ms. Grace for about 4 months.  It helped so much.  As kindergarten neared, and Ms. Grace decided to be at home more with her own children, we decided to take a break from speech and see how things went.  Things moved along fine but just a bit slower than normal.  At the end of kindergarten we found out he would be retained for another year.  We were blind sided.  We had no indications that he was doing that poorly.  We immediately scheduled testing for something and at the time, we didn't even know what the "something" was. 
After a full round of testing, we found out he had dyslexia.
He is now in year 2 of kindergarten and making great progress.  He is learning from a team of teachers including his regular kindergarten teacher, a special education teacher, a speech and occupational therapist.  All these teachers are needed to help coach the "whole child" and bring him up to speed.  He loves each and everyone of them and enjoys going to school to see them every day.
He is learning from the Sonday Reading Program and is actually able to read his sight words this year.  He understands that letters make words and words make sentences and together you can create a story.


We have discovered some amazing information that we hope will result in getting additional help for him.  He has chronic eye fatigue in his right eye or something causing the right eye to become fatigued.  Click here for more information on eye fatigue and his test results.

CJ's sees Dr. Cook for Vision Therapy.  http://www.cookvisiontherapy.com/
Dr. Cook is wonderful!

I found this website today and I am thrilled.  Everyone that works for them has dyslexia.  How amazing is that!  And talk about knowing your product!   Very impressive


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