Harley Davidson

...my unexpected passion

I had never ridden a street bike until I met my husband.  As we dated, I rode more and more and found myself looking forward to riding or missing it when it didn't happen.  Before I knew it, I was shopping for leather coats, chaps, gloves and anything else to keep me warm.  Having a past life in hunting, I knew other ways to stay warm such as using Hot Hands packets, etc.  I started integrating my two worlds in order to stay warm.  I would pack my shoes, and my front and back pockets with Hot Hands warmers and then leather up.
I looove riding the Harley.  It's more exciting and relaxing than I would have ever imagined.  As an OCD type personality, you can imagine, I have a hard time sitting still.  But on the back of the bike, all I have to do is relax and not think about a thing (occasionally, which way to turn).  It is the best therapy!
I also get one-on-one time with my hubby as well, which is wonderful.
Having a Harley taught me many things.  You don't just own a motorcycle; You own a HARLEY!  And it's like a family.  Anyone that rides belongs to this secret, unspoken society.  There is a special hand shake when you go down the road and special hand signals you use when you are participating in a ride.  And talk about big hearts!  People from all walks of life, get together and ride.  It may be for leisure or to raise money.   Everyone is friendly (well most everyone).  I have met one lady that was not friendly.
I bring my own style and flare to my Harley.  While I don't consider myself a "girly-girl", I do have a few things that make me "Michelle Womble".  For example, my helmet does not sport the usual biker style stickers.  Instead, I have my initials on the back on mine.  I still wear my ribbons in my hair and my carry my Coach wristlet, but I'm still on a Harley and I still have my boots.  Which by the way, I got married in.  Yes! I wore them right under my wedding dress!

So, next time you see a motorcycle, look twice, please.  And wave - it might be me you see!

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